Past Events

Past Events

Our events are diverse in style, genre, and demographics. Embracing the evolving dynamics of the DFW metroplex, we offer a fresh approach to event planning- from eclectic nights with smooth jazz, to vibrant world music performances, to cutting-edge, art-infused electronic shows. These are our past events:


Indie-Rock LatinAmerica (2013)

Indie-Rock LatinAmerica is a festival that showcases international and national latino independent musicians.
This was our first year and we are very proud of the turn out.
Thanks to all our sponsors: Latin Deli, Porton, Zuluwhiskey, TheSpace and the amazing crew of Ufilm house.
Also, big thanks to MAYTA for their amazing EP release, and La Chiva Gantiva for their big hearts and great vibes.


Jazz In The Park (2012)

Jazz In The Park was a night of Jazz grooves and art installations in the beautiful garden of La Duni at NorthPark Center.
A especial thanks to: Red iD Agency, La Duni, The Nookie Thompsons, Milan Bender, Gonzad Ali Golzad, Belinda Barbosa, Javier Tellez, and all our friends and family that attended the show.


 1111 Gallery on Dragon St. (2012)

1111 Gallery on Dragon St. was one of the most fun and experimental time of Chasquis.
We worked as music booking agents and throw the best parties ever.
It was a magical time and full of great memories. Many thanks to a great friend and artist: Eric Trich.


Dual Perspectives (2011)

Dual Perspectives was our first official Art Exhibit in the Dallas Area. We brought two great friends and awesome artists. Stepha Sandoval and Mauricio Fagoaga. Thanks to BrainWave for the amazing tunes, Renato Rimach for the awesome video, and Tony from Espumoso for the patience and support.


Visual High Tech Soul (2011)

Visual High Tech Soul is a yearly event that presents a blend of electronic music and visual arts. We have experimented monstly with computer art, visual projections, and analog/digital music producers. In the past three years, our home for Visual High Tech Soul has been the Canton Co-Op in Deep Ellum.



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