Sub-Sahara Releases New Single: 10-15

Written by Atziry Garcia:

We talked to Aarón Míreles from Sub-Sahara about their new single “10-15” a post punk, anti I.C.E. anthem. We also discussed immigration and Mirales stance on the issue and “the camps”.


ChasquisGroup(Atziry):Your new single “10-15” is a take on immigration and “the camps”. Is also about anything more personal or specific in relation?

Aaron Míreles:”In a way it’s personal but it’s mostly related to the topic of immigration, the camps, and the unfair conditions detainees are facing.”


CG: What is your stance on I.C.E and the current immigration policies in general under Trump’s administration?

A.M.: “Totally against them.” Most laws were already there even before his administration began. His implementations are harsher and more unfair than they already were. 

"Pure hatred towards immigrants that is all.”


CG: Have you or anyone you know ever been held by immigration enforcement and how has that affected you and those around you ? 

A.M.: Yes unfortunately, a few years ago a whole family I know was detained by I.C.E. and kept in custody for a few days. Fortunately, they were released. Most recently one of my best friends was arrested and sent to a detention center. A group of people came together and started a GoFundMe and threw a benefit show to raise funds to hire an attorney to help her get released.

“It affects me and the people around her, but to see the music and art community come together to help someone in need makes me feel hopeful.”


CG: What was the main initiative or influence that pressed you to write the song?

A.M.: “What influenced me to write the most is the way innocent people are being held in in literal cages...It’s sickening. We had always wanted to write a song about immigration issues but we never really found the right way to approach it, and one day it just came to us so naturally.”


CG: How do you think your friends and fanbase have responded towards the song: 

A.M.: "So far we have received an incredible amount of support and the song is not even a day old! We couldn't be happier.”


CG: The song includes a contribution on vocal by both friends and other musicians. How did that come about?

“It was a last minute idea I had.It makes the song sound more powerful in my opinion .”

CG: Anything else you wish to add?

A.M.: “Be compassionate. These issues might not affect you directly but they affect us all in one way or another. And we will melt the I.C.E.”