New Track from Cody Lynn Boyd “Give Me All Your Love” Is About His Past with Religion.

Cody Lynn Boyd –Singer songwriter, out of Mansfield, Texas has released new single “Give Me All Your Love”. The new song resonates the thoughtful, poetic aesthetic known of his work.

Boyd’s (7th) single, the ballad “Give Me All Your Love”, is a delicate and classical love song in coherence. “Give me all your Love babe just like you did before”, Boyd sings in the chorus of the song.

Although in contrast Boyd, explains that the song in meaning has to do with his general interest on religion and depression.

Boyd had a past with religion and said, “I went to church around the North Texas area and late-night bible studies with people that were die hard Christians…sometimes I felt they subconsciously tricked themselves into believing over time”.

Opening lines “Buried and broken, spiders in my eyes / I felt my conscious trying to emphasize” connotate confusion and darkness.

“The worships were passionate and many people would confess their darkest sins”, he later confessed. He said his past religious experience have influenced his song writing and creative mindset.

Victor Rimach Vera