Uji Comes to Dallas just as new EP, Jenga Remixed is released.


Uji’s first show in Dallas this past Thursday, August 8th was held in the well-known bookstore, coffee shop, and bar-The Wild Detectives.

The Uji (Luis Maurette ) flew in from Europe just before arriving for his set at The Wild Detectives.

His long-distance trip set Maurette a bit late for his show. His mostly newly formed fans patiently waited for him before the patio door during sound check.

Doors opened at 9pm for the anticipated show. Chunks of people hurdled though the door ready for the show.

The night and music held their best energy for last. The first few songs played by Maurette , were started from his lastly put EP, Jenga Remixed.


A slow dance party transgressed from the beats and nature sounds produced by Maurette. He played and kept the upheaval of the music by beating on his congas.

Behind him slow and fast visuals, of color and kaleidoscopic views broke the scene in to a psychedelic like, dance floor experience.

Declaring the pace and rhythm of the song, as he hit on his congas through songs like”Kiok”. People grew louder in movement as he played through more songs from the first album, Alborada.

 Energy really was kept strong, in Reggeaton like in tracks like “Familia” and beautifully, culturally mixed tracks “La Descarria” .


A dance party was kept to the dance, natured influenced music. Dance moves following mellow intentions and dance floor expectations shortly to arrive.

The music and show coming close to an end, with fans unwilling to stop dancing and eventually asking for an encore.

Maurette played closely until midnight to a party unwilling to disassemble.

Victor Rimach Vera